At home with Svenja Katharina Frisch

Hi, my name is Svenja Katharina Frisch, I am the founder of SKF studio, welcome to my home.

I moved to Berlin in 2014, whilst studying architecture. The apartment I am living in was my first apartment in Berlin.

When I saw the advert for the apartment I immediately fell in love with the building. It is surrounded by greenery and a big fountain in front of the house. Next to it is probably the most beautiful tree I have ever seen, it is protected by the state for its beauty and rarity, I mean who wouldn't want that (I mean in human terms) ?!


Sissis favourite toy is this blue dino I bought in italy last summer

I live here with my dog Sissi, she is a Mini Shih Tzu and moved in here with me 2 years ago.

We share a bedroom but not a bed.

she is actually not very cuddly, only in the mornings.

I truly believe everything tastes better when it's served in beautiful porcelain. Mine is from Meissen, the tray is from a french flea market.

I love being waken up by the sunshine in the morning. That's why I rarely ever shut the black out curtains in the bedroom.

There is a small balcony attached to my bedroom where I usually drink a cup of tea with my face facing the sunshine. I moved to London after my A-levels and ever since I love english breakfast tea. If I don't drink english breakfast tea with milk I like genmaicha tea.

What I love most about my bedroom is that it feels so secluded, when you lay in bed it feels like you are far away from any reality attached to Berlin. Actually, I guess my entire apartment feels that way to me. But mostly my bedroom. That is where I feel the safest and like no one can find me here. (Disclaimer: I am not on the run)

I only sleep in white bedding, cotton percale is the way to go for me. So are at least 4 pillows in bed.

I LOVE barrettes, I got these in a pharmacy in Paris and St. Tropez a few years ago.

Hats hanging off the ceiling and dresses on the wall. And of course a photo of my parents and my brother & I

My home reflects my personal style: eclectic, colourful with a nod to past times

The shell lamps are by artist Marion Benoit, the pillows are made from silk ikat fabric

The main piece in my living room is my pink velvet sofa. I thought about replacing it a couple of times but every time I mention it, my friends convince me to keep it. It is super comfortable and perfect for lounging. The shell lamps are made by an artist, Marion Benoit, who also became a friend. They glow so beautifully in the evening. Most people actually think they are antique.

Another piece I love is this antique chinese wedding cabinet in my living room. I use it a lot as a backdrop for my pictures. I keep my favourite records and everything I need to make Martini cocktails in it.

Detail of a silk sample dress, vintage Chanel pearl bracelet

I have a weak spot for anything related to animals. I love this rattan elephant table but when you carefully look around in my apartment you will find quite a lot of animals. I also keep a pig, a camel and a lion between my bone china and crystal glasses.

I always keep some sweet treats on this elephant side table I found on ebay

I started collecting hand painted plates from Delft a few years ago (my first ever collection were gem stones when I was little). I focus on motives with flowers or birds or other animals. A couple of years ago a friend gifted me 2 gould amadines because he could not look after them anymore and knew how much I loved them. Sadly they passed away last spring, but I see them a lot in the motives on these plates. I decided to hang them straight and in line, not scattered around the chinese wedding cabinet to make it look (at least) a teeny tiny bit more modern.

I hope you enjoyed the glimpse into my home here in Berlin,

Lots of love