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SKF studio is a made-to-order luxury womenswear label,

crafted from the finest natural materials. 

Our pieces will not only make you feel beautiful, but also redefine elegance and

are made to last.


We decided to opt for a made-to-order approach in order to ensure we only produce what is needed. 

Each piece is crafted by the most skilled artisans by hand in Germany.

SKF studio is inspired by daydreams and icons of another time.

Think Loulou de la Falaise, Talitha Getty and Bianca Jagger, with a modern spin.

 The studio was born out of my desire to create timeless pieces for every occasion that you’ll feel great in, for a life between an urban and a country lifestyle.

I invite you to join the SKF studio family by making the pieces i’ve dreamed up your own.


Svenja Katharina Frisch